What Is Mobitel Max Package?

What are the Mobitel packages?

Plans and Rates – PrepaidPackage TypeD299D699Rental (including Tax) (Rs.)299699Total GB5.976 GB16.84 GBAnytime Bundle2.17 GB6.15 GBFree Late night bundle (GB)(00:00-09:00)2.17 GB5.43 GB4 more rows.

How activate Whatsapp package in Mobitel?

How to activate this plan?SMS Option – Type ACT IM and send to 160.USSD Option – #170# > Content Based Plans > Instant Messaging.Via the DataMart App.By Reloading Rs.

How can I activate Mobitel 295 Max package?

All Prepaid subscribers can subscribe to MAX add on plan by simply reloading Rs.295. How can I check the available balance in MAX ? Just dial *100#, you will receive a follow up SMS to inbox.

How do I activate my 345 package?

HighlightsActivate by dialing #678# from any Prepaid mobile number and selecting ‘Blaster Prepaid > Triple Blaster’ or simply reload Rs.345.00.1150 D2D minutes, 1150 D2D SMS and 1375 MB Data (valid for 30 days)50% bonus on 4G which can be used when connected to the 4G network.More items…

How can I activate Mobitel 199 data package?

Any Time Data Plans1.5 GB. Rs.99 + tax. Validity 21 Days. How to Activate. SMS: A99 to 7678. USSD: #170# > Internet Plans > Anytime Plans. DataMart: Click here.3.3 GB. Rs. 199 + tax. Validity 30 Days. How to Activate. SMS: A199 to 7678. USSD: #170# > Internet Plans > Anytime Plans. DataMart: Click here. What are Mobitel Anytime Plans?

How can I activate Hutch unlimited data package?


How can I get unlimited data in Mobitel?

2. How to activate?#170# > Internet Plans > Unlimited Plans.Self-care App.DataMart App.By recharging above rental values.

How can I pay my mobile bill?

Just log in to Paytm.com and fill in the following information:Enter your postpaid mobile number.Select your mobile operator.Enter the amount.Pick bill payment promo code of your choice and get a cashback & other offers.Choose the payment method of your preference.You are done with it!

How can I activate Mobitel 399 package?

We will introduce this package to post-paid users in the near future.You can activate this by.Dial #170# > Content Based Plans > Mobitel Non-Stop Lokka.Via SMS – Send ACT 9IN1 to 160.Via reload.Via DataMart or Self-care Apps.

How activate YouTube dialog unlimited data package?

Unlimited plans that allows Dialog customers to enjoy Unlimited YouTube along with an additional data quota for all the other internet usage….Activation MethodsVisit the MyDialog app to activate.Visit sm.dialog.lk/data to activate.USSD > Dial #678# and go to Mobile Data Plans and select Anytime Data Plans.

How can I check my Mobitel package?

#888# Mobitel Self Care Information Portal Dial #888# from your Mobitel phone to access/manage a range of product related information and services.

How can I activate Mobitel 249 call package?

Customers can simply dial #170# and proceed to content based plans and then selecting YouTube to activate the package.

What are the Mobitel unlimited data packages?

(The speeds after FUP will still be sufficient for general internet browsing including social networking and video without buffering.)…Master Unlimited DATA.Monthly Rental :Rs 2,999/-Data :UnlimitedConnection fee :Rs.1,000Refundable Deposit :Rs.1,000Initial Credit Limit :Rs.6,5002 more rows

How can I deactivate Mobitel daily plan?

For Deactivate Daily Auto Plan, Type DCTDR Code and send it as a text message to 7678.

How can I get Mobitel loan?

How can I request for an emergency loan from Mobitel? For new variable loan values, simply dial #247#loan amount# from your phone.

How can I transfer money from Mobitel?

Share. Mobitel lets you share credit with your friends and loved ones whenever you wish. Press *448* and the mobile number you wish to transfer funds to along with the*Amount# and then press the OK, SEND or CALL button on your phone.

How do I get the 249 dialog package?

The plan can be activated through the MyDialog App, by visiting www.dialog.lk/data, dialling #678# or by simply reloading Rs. 249/- (prepaid customers).

How can I get Max package from Mobitel?

Existing Mobitel users can change their package to MAX simply by dialing #147# USSD code. An initial recharge fee of Rs. 500 is required to subscribe for the package and new connections can be acquired from all Mobitel dealer, retailer and branch outlets.

How can I activate Mobitel 299 call package?

All you do is send ACT BB to 6622 or call the Mobitel hotline. The monthly rental will be charged to your bill and the service will apply until you deactivate it….Voice Services on Broadband Connection:Activation methodType ACT VOICE and sms to 2545Mobitel to Mobitel Voice/Video CallsRs.1 per min3 more rows

What is FUP in data plan?

The meaning of FUP is “Fair Usage Policy”, which is implemented by the mobile network providers, wherein they place a limit on the usage of call minutes or internet speed for heavy users. … If the FUP limit is crossed, the speed of the internet is reduced or the outgoing talk-time is stopped.

What is difference between postpaid and prepaid?

The key difference between Prepaid and Postpaid is when you pay for the service. On a Postpaid plan, you receive a bill at the end of the month based on your usage. … On a Prepaid plan, you pay for your phone service upfront. Prepaid services work by having you recharge your account before you can use it.

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