What Happens When My Virgin Mobile Contract Ends?

What happens after my phone contract ends?

You don’t actually have to do anything when your contract ends, but if you don’t then you’ll typically keep paying the same price for the same allowances.

Depending on your network the phone payments may automatically stop, bringing you down to a lower monthly price..

How long do I have left on my Virgin Mobile contract?

Generally speaking, most mobile contracts end 24 months after the date they started. You can usually find this start date on your bill or welcome email.

How long do Virgin Media contracts last?

Virgin Media broadband contracts are typically fixed for 6, 9, 12, 18 or 24 months and then switch to a rolling monthly contract. If you are within this fixed period, you may be liable for an early termination fee. Read our guide to checking your Virgin contract end date to find out how long is left on your contract.

How early can you upgrade on Virgin Mobile?

12 monthsYou must pay off your loan in full in order to upgrade your handset. Classic contracts also let you upgrade to a new phone from as early as 12 months into your 24-month contract.

Do I have to give 30 days notice to leave Virgin Media?

If you’re on a 30 day rolling contract or you decide to leave us after your minimum fixed term contract period, you’ll just need to give us 30 days’ notice.

Do I own my phone after 24 months?

Typically the cost of your phone is divided over 24 months. As long as you still owe money on your phone, you can’t leave your carrier. When you’ve paid the phone off, you own it. … However, you won’t own any of the phones unless you pay a large fee to buy it out.

How much does it cost to cancel Virgin Media?

Cancelling Virgin Media broadband and TV at the same time Cancelling your services means paying a ‘disconnection’ fee of 80-100% of what remains on your contract including both services.

How do I find out when my phone contract ends 3?

If you’re a Three customer, the best way to find out how long you have left on your contract is to log into your ‘My 3’ account. From there, go to ‘Upgrades and offers’ then click on ‘check if you can upgrade. ‘ Under ‘minimum term,’ you’ll see your contract end date.

How do I check my contract with Virgin Mobile?

To see your contract:Register or sign in at virginmedia.com/myvirginmedia.Select My Bills.Select View Contract.

Do you own the phone after contract?

Remember, when your contract ends, it means you’ve paid off your handset and it belongs to you. This gives you the flexibility to choose a sim only, or pay-as-you-go deal.

What do I do with my old virgin box?

This means that customers who have old Virgin Media equipment, that we can’t redeploy, can take it to their nearest electrical waste recycling centre where it will be disposed of in a responsible way to it can be reused and recycled for other products.

How do I know when my virgin contract ends?

Check your Virgin Media contract statusLog in to your Virgin Media account.Select ‘My Account’.Select ‘Check your contract details’. You’ll find your end date here.Feb 13, 2020

How can I get a better deal as an existing Virgin customer?

14 top Virgin haggling tipsDo a channel audit. … Timing is crucial. … Benchmark the best deal. … If it’s the TV you want, tell ’em you’re happy with Freeview. … Get through to the retentions department. … Use charm, chutzpah, cheek… and a smile. … Use the phrases that pay.More items…•May 24, 2021

Do I have to give notice when my phone contract ends?

In line with new legislation introduced on 15 February 2020, all broadband, phone, pay-TV and mobile phone providers are now required to notify customers when their contract is about to expire.

How do I cancel my contract with Virgin Media?

If you’re on a Pay Monthly plan and want to cancel your contract with us, you can do this: By requesting your PAC or STAC and providing this to your new provider. To request your PAC or STAC see PAC or STAC section above.

How long after leaving Virgin Media Can I rejoin?

3 monthsRe: Leave and Rejoin Virgin Media Some say a minimum of 3 months before you can rejoin as a new customer while others say 6 months.

Can I change my mind after Cancelling Virgin Media?

Re: Changed my mind about cancelling Hi, I have changed my mind about cancelling Virgin Media Broadband. My contract is due to end on 28th February. … You will have to call VM to arrange this. yes it’s possible to rescind the cancellation, whether or not they can move it by 1st March – only VM can tell you.

Can I cancel my Virgin Media contract if I move house?

When a customer on a fixed contract moves home and their new property cannot be supplied by Virgin, they are often charged to cancel the contract.

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