What Does EE Mean In HR Terms?

What does EE stand for in math?

EE (calculator key) (enter exponent), to enter numbers in scientific or engineering notation..

What is HR short for?

(eɪtʃ ɑr ) uncountable noun. In a company or other organization, the HR department is the department with responsibility for the recruiting, training, and welfare of the staff. HR is an abbreviation for human resources.

What does the acronym EE stand for?

AcronymDefinitionEEElectrical EngineeringEEElectrical EngineerEEExponentEEEstonia85 more rows

What does EE candidates only mean?

* EE: Employment Equity Affirmative Action is a way of reaching Employment Equity. An AA/EE job vacancy is therefore one where recruiters/employers will try to employ a person of colour, and non AA/EE job vacancies are those where any person, regardless or colour or gender, can get the position.

What is an EE group?

Under the Employment Equity Act, the government is required to strive to meet representation levels, based on estimated workforce availability, for the four employment equity designated groups: women, Aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities and members of visible minorities.

What does EE mean in the workplace?

Employment EquityAA stands for Affirmative Action and EE stands for Employment Equity. Employment Equity refers to a workplace that employs the right number of people from different race and gender groups and Affirmative Action is a way of reaching Employment Equity.

What does EE mean in accounting?

“EE” is a two-letter abbreviation for a single word: “employee.” The abbreviation is usually used only in payroll accounting.

What does pp mean in HR?

Pulse PressurePP/HR. Pulse Pressure/Heart Rate.

What does SME mean in HR?

Subject MatterSME: Subject Matter Expert. SHRM: Society for Human Resources Management. SPHR: Senior Professional in Human Resources. SSA: Social Security Administration.

What is an SME in HR?

Being a Subject Matter Expert (SME) – Ask #HR Bartender.

What does EE spouse mean?

SingleEE = Single ES = Employee / Spouse EC = Employee / Child EMC = Employee / Multiple Children EF = Employee / Family SP = Spouse DP = Dependent.

What is per pay cost?

Per Pay Cost is the real amount you must give to the inssurance everytime you receive your cheque.

Is EE short for employee?

EE is shorthand in the HR side of business for the word ’employee. ‘

What is EE employee benefit?

EE Cost: Full premium cost for an Eligible Employee. … ER Total: The portion of an employee’s health insurance premium paid for by the employer. This amount may be as low as 50% of the cost of the lowest sponsored plan made available to employees.

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