Quick Answer: Why Do You Want To Be A Staff Representative?

How do you recognize trade unions?

A trade union can firstly seek voluntary recognition from you (the employer).

In order to achieve this, the union must submit a request in writing identifying the union and bargaining unit (the group of workers who are represented by the union).

Furthermore, the employer must employ at least 21 workers..

Will being a union rep affect my career?

Trade union reps believe they are sacrificing their careers to represent their colleagues, exclusive new research has revealed. A slim majority of HR professionals said their staff would get a worse deal without their union and its reps. …

Can a union rep speak in a disciplinary?

ANSWER. Employees have the right to be accompanied at a disciplinary or grievance hearing. They can choose to be accompanied by a co-worker or a union representative. … The Trade Union Representative can present and/or sum up your employee’s and say things to support their case.

How does consultation process work?

During the consultation process, an employer will discuss the redundancy with the employees (or their representatives), provide information on the redundancy process and explore employee feedback on ways to avoid redundancies.

What is a workplace representative?

Workplace rep They are someone who has been officially elected to represent UNISON members within a particular workplace. Your workplace rep can also support you during grievance or disciplinary procedures if you need them to. Your rep will be able to advise you on your rights and how to tackle the problem.

Can a union rep refuse to represent you?

The law does not require a union representative to accompany an individual who asks to be accompanied. A member should not pressurise a union representative to attend a meeting.

What is a forum rep?

The forum reps will discuss. business issues, review the. results from What Matters. surveys, discuss local. initiatives and share their.

What does an employee forum do?

Employee forums – groups of non-union or mixed groups of union/non-union employees meeting with management for consultation and information sharing. … It’s a body that brings together senior managers and employee representatives to discuss transnational issues.

How can a representative body support an employee?

Their representatives can help employees in health and safety, pensions, information and consultation representation, European consultative bodies, Transfer of undertakings, Workforce Agreement, Collective redundancy, Union learning and Collective bargaining.

How many employees do you need to unionize?

If a majority of workers wants to form a union, they can select a union in one of two ways: If at least 30% of workers sign cards or a petition saying they want a union, the NLRB will conduct an election.

When should you consult an employee?

Employers must consult appropriate representatives of employees if 20 or more employees at one establishment are to be made redundant within a period of 90 days (TULRCA 1992, s.

What does consultation with employees involve?

Consultation involves you not only giving information to your employees but also listening to them and taking account of what they say before making any health and safety decisions. The law does not state when you must consult, or for how long, but does say it must be ‘in good time’.

Who can be a redundancy representative?

Any employee who is affected by the proposed redundancies can stand for election as an employee representative. All affected employees are entitled to vote in the election for representatives and can vote for as many candidates as there will be representatives to represent them.

What is a representative do?

What is a Representative? Also referred to as a congressman or congresswoman, each representative is elected to a two-year term serving the people of a specific congressional district. Among other duties, representatives introduce bills and resolutions, offer amendments and serve on committees.

What does an employee representative do in redundancy?

An employee representative role in redundancy is to consult on behalf of affected employees to try and reach an outcome that works for all parties. One of the first steps in the consultation process will be to make an announcement to the staff of your proposals.

What are the different types of representative bodies?

There are a number of representative bodies relevant to employee rights and responsibilities, including:Trade unions.Government bodies.Works Committees.Employer/Employee forums.Professional Associations.etc.

Why do you want to be an employee representative?

They can improve levels of trust in the organisation, minimise rumours and misunderstanding, improve decision making (as employees are consulted) and ultimately organisational performance, if the staff reps help to implement positive change and improve motivation/engagement.

What makes a good staff representative?

Essential skills of a staff representative. Active listening and effective questioning skills. (Self) presentation skills. The representative’s role (disciplinary and grievance meetings)

What is the role of a staff representative?

make employees’ views known to management. help strengthen both management’s and employees’ understanding of workplace issues and other matters affecting the business. help create an atmosphere of mutual trust between employees and management and therefore improve workplace relations.

Who is a staff representative?

Staff representative means a person who is chosen by a staff member to be their chosen representative, who may be a union member or union official but who is not a practising barrister or solicitor.

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