Quick Answer: What Does EE Mean For Employees?

Is EE employer or employee?

The term “EE” refers to equal employment.

Employees in the U.S.

are protected under many federal laws, and their rights are enforced by the U.S.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission..

What does EE and ER mean on payslip?

If you’ve got a workplace pension, you’ll probably see ‘ER pension’ on your payslip. That’s the money that your employer is contribution to your pension pot. Similarly, ‘EE pension’ on your payslip is the money that you’re contributing to your pension pot from your wages.

What does the abbreviation EE stand for?

AcronymDefinitionEEElectrical EngineeringEEElectrical EngineerEEExponentEEEstonia85 more rows

What does EE mean in texting?

EE — Et Cetera, Et Cetera. EE — Evil Empire. EE — Extended Edition. EE — Emergency Exit. EE — Estoy Escuchando.

What is EE code?

Country Code EE Country code according to ISO-3166 Alpha-2 EE is the two-letter country abbreviation for Estonia.

What does EE stand for in benefits?

EE (Eligible Employee): An employee who is eligible for insurance coverage based upon the stipulations of the group health insurance plan. EE Cost: Full premium cost for an Eligible Employee. DEP (Eligible Dependent): A dependent (usually spouse or child) of an insured person who is eligible for insurance coverage.

What does EE withhold mean?

Federal Medicare/Employer-EmployeeOne withholding employees see listed on their earnings statements is the Fed MED/EE Tax. This stands for Federal Medicare/Employer-Employee and is a tax that funds the Medicare Health Insurance program.

What is Med EE on my paystub?

○ Med EE – Medicare. This is the employee’s required contribution for the Medicare health plan. This is matched by the employer.

What does EE stand for in gaming?

Extended EditionEE Meaning in Gaming – What does EE mean? The meaning of EE is Extended Edition and other meanings are located at the bottom which take place within Gaming terminology and EE has 10 different meaning.

What does it mean when someone texts you an E?

Summary of Key Points “Ecstasy” is another common definition for E, used on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. E. Definition: Ecstasy.

What does YouTube ee mean?

EE now lets you watch BBC iPlayer and YouTube without using up your data. … Well, BBC iPlayer and YouTube are both now completely data-allowance free for EE users with the Video Data Pass.

What does pp mean in HR?

Pulse PressurePP/HR. Pulse Pressure/Heart Rate.

What does EE paid mean?

EE stands for “employee.” It is used to designate payroll deductions from an employee’s paycheck.

What is EE life?

Most of the U.S. EE life insurance probably stands for “Eligible Employee” life insurance. It would be the group life insurance offered to those working at a business who are qualified to receive it, based on the number of hours they work or some other factor set up by their employer for eligibility.

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