Quick Answer: What Are The Dialog Packages?

How can I get Mobitel data package?

How to obtain the Offer?Through #170# #170# > Internet Plans > Anytime Plans.Using DataMart.

DataMart > Prepaid Add On Plans > Internet Plans > Anytime plans.Through SMS.


49+ Tax Plan = A49 > 7678.


99 + Tax plan = A99 > 7678.


199 + Tax Plan = A199 > 7678.

Time band.

Price with Tax.

Price excluding Tax..

How can I add more GB dialog home broadband?

How do I activate a Data Add-on?USSD: Dial #678# > Mobile Data > DATA ADD-ON Pack.Visit sm.dialog.lk/data to activate.SMS: Type GB Value MOREPack Value. 1MORE 60 and SMS to 678.Via the MyDialog App.

How can I get dialog unlimited call package?

HighlightsOutgoing totally free for Dialog mobile numbers during validity period.Activate by dialing #678# from any Prepaid mobile number and selecting “Dialog Blaster Unlimited”Unlimited D2D call period will be extended by 7 days or 30 days upon each activation, depending on the pack activated.More items…

How do I get 123 dialog package?

Dialog Mobile prepaid customers can activate the package by reloading Rs. 123 and register the couple number by dialling #171#. The couple number to be registered can either be a Dialog mobile prepaid or postpaid mobile connection.

How can I get dialog call package?

HighlightsAll packs can be activated by dialing #678# from any Prepaid mobile number and selecting “Other Budget Packs”Weekly and monthly packs can be activated multiple times and the call period will be extended by the validity period upon each activation.Charging of the pack quota is on per minute basis.

How can I get unlimited data in Mobitel?

2. How to activate?#170# > Internet Plans > Unlimited Plans.Self-care App.DataMart App.By recharging above rental values.

What is the dialog couple package?

The new Couple Blaster will facilitate Unlimited Calls and SMS between two numbers for as low as Rs. 123 (including taxes) per month. This package is exclusively available for all Dialog customers.

How activate dialog social media package?

2. Visit www.dialog.lk/data to activate. 3. USSD > Dial #678# and go to Mobile Data Plans and select Unlimited Facebook/WhatsApp Plan.

How can I reload my dialog card?

Visit www.dialog.lk/pay and reload using multiple options such as Credit Card , ATM card, Genie, eZcash or Star points. Log on to the MyDialog App to reload using your credit or debit card conveniently. You can also save the card details and use ‘Quickpay’ function when you reload in future.

How do I get the 249 dialog package?

The plan can be activated through the MyDialog App, by visiting www.dialog.lk/data, dialling #678# or by simply reloading Rs. 249/- (prepaid customers).

How do I activate 347 dialog package?

Activation MethodsDial #678#, go to Mobile Data Plans, select Fun Blaster Plans & Activate.Visit www.dialog.lk/data to activate.SMS. Type FNP and SMS to 678. Eg: To activate the Rs.347 Plan type FNP347 & SMS to 678.

How activate dialog unlimited Facebook and Whatsapp package?

The Fun Blaster package can be activated via reload, by dialling #678#, via the MyDialog App or on www.dialog.lk.

How can I get dialog data from credit?

Data LoanDial #356# from your Dialog Mobile (prepaid connection) to activate this service. Step 1 – Dial #356# Step 2 – Select Option 1 “Ask for Loan” Step 3 – Select Option 3 “Data Loan-Prepaid” Step 4 – Select the applicable loan (option 1 or 2)To obtain the data loan your account balance should always be less than Rs.29/-

How can I get dialog 107 package?

Activate Dialog 107 Packageyou can simply login into your account, and activate the plan.Otherwise you can also download it from the play store or app store and start using it.Feb 2, 2021

How can I get free dialog data?

A person/customer will have to Purchase & Activate a prepaid internet card of any denomination within the promo period to be eligible for the Free Data. 200 randomly selected winners of 30GB Data will be selected daily for 100 Days by officials of Dialog Axiata PLC. All winning chances will be valid for the day.

How do I get dialog 345 package?

Simply dial #678# or reload Rs. 345. Each pack will be valid for 30 days from activation.

What are the Mobitel data packages?

Plans and Rates – PrepaidPackage TypeD299D999Rental (including Tax) (Rs.)299999Total GB5.976 GB23.90 GBAnytime Bundle2.17 GB8.62 GBFree Late night bundle (GB)(00:00-09:00)2.17 GB8.62 GB4 more rows

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