Question: Is Undue A Real Word?

What is undue advantage?

undue advantage means advantage or favor in any form that is not authorized by law or contract and/or could not be obtained through lawful or proper means..

Is unneeded a word?

Find another word for unneeded. In this page you can discover 12 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for unneeded, like: inessential, needless, nonessential, unessential, unnecessary, unrequired, un-necessary, necessary, unecessary, un-needed and dispensable.

How do you use undue in a sentence?

Undue sentence exampleHe gave undue attention to the road. … He was entirely free from pride and undue self-assertion. … Carmen shot a glance at Alex, who was giving his meal undue attention.More items…

What is undue attention?

Everyone wants attention. … When you respond to a student’s behavior by feeling irritated, annoyed, worried, or guilty, it is likely that his or her mistaken goal is Undue Attention.

What is undue risk?

undue risk means an investment risk that a reasonable person informed of the investment strategy and potential returns of the relevant person would consider excessive3.

What’s another word for undue?

Undue Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for undue?inappropriateimproperunseemlyunwarranteduntimelyineptunseasonableunaptunnecessaryunjustified233 more rows

How do you use the word undue?

Undue in a Sentence 🔉The daredevil likes to take undue risks and keeps himself in trouble. … Because of undue stress, the doctor decided to take a break from working at the hospital. … Giving her boss undue credit, the secretary ever mentioned to the staff that she was the one who sealed the deal.More items…

Does undue mean necessary?

Meaning of undue in English. to a level that is more than is necessary, acceptable, or reasonable: Such a high increase will impose an undue burden on the local tax payer.

What is undue payment?

adj. 1 excessive or unwarranted. 2 unjust, improper, or illegal. 3 (of a debt, bond, etc.) not yet payable.

What is undue stress?

Filters. The definition of undue is something extreme, or inappropriate. An example of undue is a stressful situation that doesn’t need to be stressful; undue stress. An example of undue is giving someone a hard time when they make a decision; undue criticism.

What is undue respect?

Unwarranted or inappropriate because excessive or disproportionate. ‘this figure did not give rise to undue concern’ ‘It was characterised by an excessive and even undue respect for authority and authoritarianism. ‘

What does undue mean?

1 : not due : not yet payable. 2 : exceeding or violating propriety or fitness : excessive undue force.

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