Question: How Do I Add Another Account To My Tesco Mobile App?

Can I get another phone on my EE contract?

All you need to do is add another plan to your existing EE pay monthly account and then you’re all set.

To add another plan to your account: shop online for a device or plan.

call 150 from your EE phone..

Do Vodafone do family plans?

Vodafone Family has now been discontinued. This means you are unable to join it as a new customer. If you already have Vodafone Family, it will remain active until you cancel. However, you won’t be able to add new members or change the size of your group.

Can I have 2 phones on my O2 account?

Yes, just login with your current account and purchase a new phone. Make sure you don’t upgrade though. You need a new contract. Or, if you already have another just use the option to “Bring in other products” on the Home page of your MyO2.

Can I have 2 phones with the same number UK?

You cannot have 2 sims running simultaneously with the same number.

What network does Tesco use?

Tesco Mobile’s service is based on O2’s network. That means that if you choose Tesco Mobile, you’ll get a network with combined 4G and 4G coverage of 99% of the UK population. Get an idea of Tesco Mobile coverage in your area with the Tesco Mobile postcode checker.

What calls are free on Tesco Mobile?

Calls to numbers starting 0800 or 0808 are free for mobiles.

Can I add another phone to my 3 contract?

Can I buy a 2nd phone for my partner/family member and save? Absolutely, as long as the new device is in the same name as your original contract.

Can I have 2 phones on Tesco Mobile?

If you have more than one Tesco Mobile number you can manage them under one account – plus you’ll get a free perk for every additional contract on your pay monthly account.

How do I register my Tesco Mobile account?

The quickest and easiest way to set up your My Tesco Mobile account is to download the Tesco Mobile app from the Google Play or Apple App Store. You can also set up your account at

Is Tesco Mobile and O2 the same network?

Tesco Mobile is an MVNO that looks to stand out primarily through good value plans and a large range of Pay As You Go options. It’s an O2 MVNO, so as it uses O2’s towers it doesn’t need to worry about infrastructure of its own. …

Does it cost money to use my phone as a hotspot?

Does using a hotspot cost money when I connect my device via WiFi? In most cases, a mobile hotspot doesn’t cost anything extra. … If you’re connecting your laptop or other device to your own or another person’s mobile hotspot, it won’t cost you a thing, regardless of what they’re using to create their personal network.

Who owns Tesco’s?

On 17 June 2016, Tesco sold the company on to a group of investors led by Midlothian Capital Partners and Hattington Capital for £217 million.

How many phones can I have with EE?

fiveBut the maximum number of lines you can have on a standard account is five. You can also get a 1GB data boost when you add an additional plan to your account.

Can I have 2 phone contracts with EE?

Yes, you can use more than one EE number on your account.

Can I share my Tesco data?

You can then start earning points and vouchers to enjoy the benefits and rewards of being a valued Tesco customer. To transfer Tesco Bank or Tesco Mobile data, you’ll need to visit these respective websites. We advise you not to share your personal data with people/companies you don’t trust.

Can you have 2 phones on one contract?

You can add as many as you like to an account – the contract is standard, all this differed is the various minimum terms that may apply. Business accounts are set up for multiple handsets and quantity discounts, but for family use – there’s not much available that is cost effective.

How do I upgrade my Tesco mobile phone?

Simply call our Customer Care team on 4455 from your Tesco Mobile phone. If you’re a business customer, please call us on 0345 601 2448. Can I upgrade whenever I want? Yes, you can upgrade whenever you want to.

Do Ee do a family plan?

Keep the whole family happy All you need is two or more plans on your account, and you can gift data. If your family’s already on EE it’s easy to add them to your account, and if they’re not, just switch them over.

Does Tesco DO mobile broadband?

Both new and existing Tesco Mobile customers can sign up for the offer. Tesco broadband offers unlimited downloads. If you get a 12 month contract, there’s no set up fee.

Can I add another phone to my Tesco Mobile account?

If you’re just joining Tesco Mobile, simply add more than one pay monthly phone or SIM only deal to your basket and choose your Family perk. You can change each perk in My Account or in our app and the new perk will start on your next bill date.

How do I get the Tesco Mobile App?

How do I update my Tesco Mobile app on an Android device? You can download our pay monthly app or pay as you go app in the Google Play Store. Simply press the ‘Update’ button, check and accept any app permissions that might be requested and then sit back while your app updates.

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