Question: How Can I Change Dialog Data Package?

How do I turn off daily rental data?

Packs can be activated by dialing #678# from any Prepaid mobile number and selecting “Daily Blaster”.

Packs are auto renewed daily.

Packs can be deactivated by dialing #678# as it is an auto renewing pack.

Customers can be activate both packs at the same time..

What are the dialog packages?

PackagesPREPAID. Any Network 1.50 Plan. Call Rate Rs. 1.50 SMS Rate Rs. 0.20. Know More.PREPAID. The 1 FOR 1 Plan. Call Rate Rs. 2.00 SMS Rate Rs. 0.20. Know More.POSTPAID. Dialog Prashansa Package. Rental Rs. 249.00 Free D2D calls 200 mins Call Rate Rs. 1.50 Free D2D SMS 300 SMS Rate Rs. 0.20. Know More.

How can I get Mobitel data package?

How to obtain the Offer?Through #170# #170# > Internet Plans > Anytime Plans.Using DataMart. DataMart > Prepaid Add On Plans > Internet Plans > Anytime plans.Through SMS. Rs. 49+ Tax Plan = A49 > 7678. Rs. 99 + Tax plan = A99 > 7678. Rs. 199 + Tax Plan = A199 > 7678. Time band. Price with Tax. Price excluding Tax.

How can I convert dialog data to voice?

Dialog Data LoanStep 1 – Dial #356#Step 2 – Select Option 1 “Ask for Loan”Step 3 – Select Option 3 “Data Loan-Prepaid”Step 4 – Select the applicable loan (option 1 or 2)

How activate dialog social media package?

2. Visit to activate. 3. USSD > Dial #678# and go to Mobile Data Plans and select Unlimited Facebook/WhatsApp Plan.

How do I activate 347 dialog package?

Activation MethodsVisit the MyDialog App to activate.Dial #678# Mobile Data Plans Fun Blaster