Question: Does T-Mobile Have Hidden Fees?

Is it worth switching to tmobile?

If you live in an area with good T-Mobile coverage, I think their value easily trumps the offerings from Verizon and AT&T and can deliver a great experience at an affordable price.

But T-Mobile is only worth it if you get good coverage in your area..

Does tmobile give discounts on phones?

There’s another way to get a free phone from T-Mobile, which is to take advantage of a BOGO deal. When you purchase two phones with qualifying monthly plans, you’ll either receive the full value off or a $1,000 discount on a second device in bill credits.

How much is tmobile monthly?

$105/mo. Plus taxes & fees. Price with Autopay and 3rd line free.

How much does tmobile charge for an upgrade?

You can visit us at any of our store locations, call us at 1-800-937-8997, or check out the video below for more information on how to upgrade online. Remember upgrades made through Care or Retail will be charged $20 for assistance in the upgrade process, so upgrade online​ whenever possible!

How do I avoid activation fees?

An activation fee is sometimes avoidable by switching to a new carrier during a promotional period that waives the fee. And some carriers reduce or eliminate the fee if you upgrade your device online.

How can I get a better deal on a phone?

Here are five tactics you can use to make sure that you’re getting the best deal.Use multiple methods when shopping around. … Include prepaid phones in your comparison. … Negotiate. … Check for a professional discount. … Ask to compare the plan you’re considering with a no-contract version.May 20, 2020

How bad is T-mobile coverage?

T-Mobile offers 62% nationwide coverage, while Verizon offers 70%, AT&T offers 68%, and Sprint offers 30%. Since T-Mobile’s coverage area is 6% smaller than AT&T’s, T-Mobile wins the award for third-best coverage in the nation amongst the Big Four networks.

Can you negotiate with tmobile?

“If you are out of contract, you have a bargaining chip with customer care over the phone. … T-Mobile corporate store reps cannot discount the upgrade price at all in store. We don’t make very much money off an upgrade, and many will spend less time with you if its busy.

Is T-Mobile a good phone service?

T-Mobile Cell Phone Plans Review 2021. If you’re looking for fast speeds and unlimited plan prices with no gotchas, T-Mobile is a clear winner. If you’re looking for fast speeds and unlimited plan prices T-Mobile is a clear winner. Find out how we rated it for speed, coverage, and performance.

Do I get a free phone if I switch to T-Mobile?

FREE smartphones on a network that goes farther than ever before. Experience our newest, most powerful signal. Get a free smartphone for each line on your plan via 24 monthly bill credits.

Can existing T-Mobile customers get free Netflix?

If you’re an existing customer, visit, a retail store, or call Customer Care to activate. If you are a new customer, visit a T-Mobile store, go to, or call 1-800-TMobile. You’ll get a URL to link your T-Mobile account with your Netflix account. T-Mobile pays Netflix directly for you.

Does T-Mobile give senior citizen discounts?

1 The key to getting the most out of your cell phone (regardless of age) is choosing the right plan. T-Mobile’s Unlimited 55 plans offer high-quality services tailored to older adults.

Does tmobile charge taxes and fees?

That’s right, T-Mobile ONE now includes all monthly taxes, surcharges and fees. So, when a family of four signs up to pay $40 each with autopay for the unlimited T-Mobile ONE, they actually pay just that for unlimited wireless service—$40 per person and not a penny more.

Is it worth switching from Verizon to T-Mobile?

If you know you’ll use a lot of data and want higher speeds, switching to Verizon is probably a better bet. In most cases, Verizon is a better bet than T-Mobile. It has more reliable coverage and faster speeds, but if you’re on a budget, you can very possibly find a better deal with T-Mobile.

Does tmobile charge activation fee?

Sprint’s activation fee ranges as high as $30 per device; T-Mobile doesn’t charge an activation fee but instead requires a $20 “SIM starter kit” for new phone purchases.

How long can you go without paying your phone bill t-mobile?

Your account can be less than 30 days past the due date to initiate a payment arrangement but if it’s 31+ days past due, you may be required to pay a portion of your past due balance. Click the button below to log in to your My T-Mobile account to view your options.

How much is T-Mobile 55 Plus Plan?

55+ customers in all 50 states can get TWO unlimited lines of Magenta Unlimited 55, TWO free smartphones with 24 monthly bill credits for just $70 per month with talk and text and unlimited data including 5G access on America’s largest and fastest 5G network.

Does tmobile waive Sim fees?

If you want to avoid the Assisted Support fee, you can do so by activating your new phone online or through the T-Mobile app. This Assisted Support charge does not include the fee for a physical SIM card, which will cost an additional $10.

Who has the best cell phone deals for seniors?

The top cell phone plans for seniors are:T-Mobile Unlimited 55+ Plan.Verizon 55+ Unlimited Plan.GreatCall Wireless.Consumer Cellular.AT&T Senior Nation.Sprint Unlimited 55+.Boost Mobile Unlimited.Ting Mobile Flex.More items…•May 5, 2021

What fees does tmobile charge?

T-Mobile fees. $20 per line, for the first three lines, plus tax, and is due when you restore service after a non-payment service interruption.

Is T-Mobile 55+ a good deal?

I was impressed that all three plans include unlimited talk, text, and data on T-Mobile’s 5G network with no annual service contracts. … At $50 per month for a single-line plan or $70 per month for two lines, the Magenta Unlimited 55 offers faster download speeds and access to the data.

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