Is Virgin Mobile Network Any Good?

Are Virgin shops closing?

Our retail stores are now permanently closed, but don’t worry – we’re still supporting customers 24 hours, 7 days a week at

Plus, if you’re already an existing customer, there are a number of ways you can manage your services online and get the help you need..

Is O2 better than EE?

EE’s 4G service is faster than O2’s, with an average download speed of 32.5Mbps, according to Open Signal’s April 2019 Mobile Network Experience report. Average 3G speeds for the period measured were 5.8Mbps. O2 customers get an average speeds of 14.1Mbps and 4.9Mbps for 4G and 3G respectively, during the same period.

Why are virgin sending out new SIM cards?

Re: New sim The SIM swap has been going on for some time. The new SIMs allow Virgin to control much more of the network than is possible with the old EE ones.

Is O2 merging with Virgin?

VIRGIN MEDIA and O2 have received the seal of approval from UK regulators to merge into a new telecoms firm. … After months of consultation, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) approved the £31 billion merger between Virgin Media and O2 to go ahead on Thursday May 20, 2021.

Is Virgin Mobile as good as EE?

Our verdict on coverage: “EE’s better 4G data coverage is still their trump card over other networks. It’s the most useful technology: use it for data and calls via 4G calling. But Virgin are no slouch either.

What mobile network does virgin use?

How fast is Virgin Mobile’s network? Virgin Mobile currently uses EE’s 4G mobile network which is consistently found to be the fastest 4G network in the country. Data from Opensignal released in October 2020 showed the average download speeds for EE customers were almost 15 Mbps ahead of their closest rival, Vodafone.

Does Virgin Mobile support 5G?

Already a Virgin Mobile customer? If you’ve already got an eligible mobile plan with us, we’ll upgrade you to 5G at no extra cost, as soon as it’s available. All you’ll need is a 5G-ready device you bought from us.

What is the cheapest mobile network in UK?

iD Mobile offers the cheapest SIM-only plan in the UK at just £6 for 1GB of data, unlimited minutes, and unlimited texts. Customers after more data may prefer the maximum deal with unlimited data, minutes, and texts.

Who is the best mobile phone provider in the UK?

EEAccording to the latest study by RootMetrics, EE is the provider of the best mobile coverage across the UK. Vodafone is the second-best option, while Three is third in Wales and England followed by O2, and vice versa for Northern Ireland and Scotland.

What network does Virgin Mobile use for 5G?

Vodafone’sVirgin Mobile uses Vodafone’s 5G infrastructure, meaning it’s available in parts of the same 100 UK towns and cities at the time of writing.

Who is taking over Virgin Mobile?

Last May, Liberty Global, which owns the UK’s largest cable company, Virgin, and Telefónica, which owns O2, announced a deal to merge their UK operations in a 50-50 joint venture. The deal will create a new telecoms heavyweight and a stronger competitor to BT.

Which network does Virgin piggyback?

Vodafone’s(1) Those who joined/join Virgin Mobile on a Sim-only or 5G contract deal from mid-January will get Vodafone’s signal. Most existing customers (or those on other deals) will still be on the EE network, until they’re moved over to Vodafone later in 2021.

Is three better than virgin?

✔ Three’s WiFi calling is more settled than Virgin’s Out of the two we’d say Three’s is better. Virgin use their own technology (not Vodafone’s) and it seems to support fewer phones, even if the have the feature.

Which phone company has the cheapest unlimited plan?

#1 Cheap Unlimited Plan: T-Mobile Essentials.#2 Cheap Unlimited Plan: Mint Mobile Unlimited Plan.#3 Cheap Unlimited Plan: Visible $40 Unlimited.#4 Cheap Unlimited Plan: Metro by T-Mobile $60 Unlimited Plan.#5 Cheap Unlimited Plan: US Mobile Unlimited Talk, Text and Ludicrous Data.More items…•Jun 1, 2021

Why is Virgin Mobile sending me a new SIM?

Re: Help been sent incompatible new sim card Sometime back Virgin moved to having their own core network rather than relying on EE who now only handle signal. That change will allow Virgin to introduce new services and facilitate a change in their signal provider at the end of 2021. This requires replacement SIM cards.

Is Virgin Mobile being phased out?

The Virgin Mobile USA service will be discontinued, and we are happy to announce that most of the existing Virgin Mobile customers will be transferred to our sister brand, Boost Mobile beginning in February.

Is Virgin Mobile UK closing down?

Virgin Media is to disappear from the high street after deciding its network of more than 50 retail stores will stay shut once the coronavirus pandemic lockdown ends. The cable and TV company, which operates 53 stores in the UK, is offering the 341 affected staff the opportunity to move to newly created roles.

Does Virgin Mobile still use EE?

As noted above, Virgin Mobile uses EE’s coverage for 4G customers and Vodafone’s for 5G ones. You can see speeds for both of those networks above, but we’re focusing on Vodafone’s, as all customers will eventually be moved to Vodafone’s infrastructure.

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