How Do I Use My O2 Discount?

How do I claim my O2 loyalty discount?

If you’re on an eligible tariff, text LOYALTY to 21500 and follow the instructions to register from your phone.

We’ll text you confirmation once the discount has been added.

You can add 20 eligible connections to your Family Plan – we’ll ask you for the mobile numbers you want to add..

How much is O2 loyalty discount?

Get up to 50% off your Airtime Plan, when you or your family take out an additional connection with us on an eligible tariff, and you add it to your Family Plan. The discount doesn’t apply to any Device Plan or out-of-bundle charges. You can add up to 20 connections to your Family Plan.

Do O2 offer family contracts?

Eligibility: The Offer is available to O2 customers with a new or existing consumer Pay Monthly contract purchased directly or indirectly from O2 (“Lead Contract”), who then take out one or more eligible Qualifying Tariffs (up to a maximum of 20 connections per Family Plan “Family Plan Connections”) (each a “Qualifying …

What phone companies give student discounts?

Student Pricing by Cell Phone ProviderStudent Pricing by Cell Phone Provider. As of July 2017, this list of cell phone plan rates for students is current. … Sprint. Sprint might be the best deal on the market if you want multiple lines. … T-Mobile. … The monthly price for T-Mobile plans is pretty reasonable. … Verizon Wireless.Dec 17, 2019

Do Ee do student discount?

Student life can be expensive, but we’ve got your back with a 20% EE student discount and 500MB free data, every month.

Which mobile providers give NHS discount?

NHS Discount Mobile PhonesCarphone Gaff.

Can you take out a second contract with O2?

Welcome to the O2 Community Hi @mags60 Yes you can add another phone to your existing account. As long as you have made payments on time with the one you have already you should be fine. You may have to undergo another credit check which shouldn’t be a problem if your payment history is good.

What is O2 family plan discount?

With O2 Family, you can save money with our Family Plan, bring all your household’s airtime contracts together in one place, and get access to exclusive Priority offers. What is the Family Plan discount? With our Family Plan, you get 20% off Airtime Plans on eligible tariffs.

Do Unidays codes expire?

This is an automatic date created by our system, you will only be verified for one year at a time. As your account nears expiration you will receive an email encouraging you to reverify your account.

Does O2 do blue light discount?

Bluelight Discount 25% O2 Refresh – O2 Community.

How do I add airtime to my O2 discount?

To redeem the Airtime Discount in an O2 store, you must:visit an O2 store and purchase an eligible device on an eligible O2 Refresh contract (the “Purchase”); and.within 28 days of the Purchase:

How many contracts can I have with O2?

you can have as many as you like as long as you pass credit check! You can even set it up to have your partners bank account details so the payments come from them.

What does airtime mean on 02?

O2 Refresh splits your Pay Monthly bill into two parts. The Device Plan is the cost of your phone or tablet, and the Airtime Plan is the cost of your data, minutes and texts. You can trade in your phone at any time and put the cash towards paying off your Device Plan.

How do I add my NHS discount to O2?

NHS DISCOUNTS AND OFFERS FROM O2. Get 25% off Airtime Plans with 3GB data and above OR 15% off Airtime Plans Below 3GB. You need to purchase the phone on O2, then use voucher code NHS01 once you have an O2 Open account. We have teamed up with O2 to bring you the best O2 NHS discount on your Airtime Plans.

How does O2 Friends and Family discount work?

Friends and Family (F&F) applies if you have friends or family working for O2. F&F is 50% off the airtime portion of your Refresh contract, or 30% off the total cost if you’re on SIM only.

How do I add my student discount to O2?

Visit an O2 store and choose a brand new smartphone, tablet or mobile broadband device. Come back to this page within 28 days, and sign in to UNiDAYS and get your unique stores code. Send us your unique stores code. Text 61202 from any mobile.

Do O2 give discount to NHS staff?

What Discount do O2 provide to NHS Staff? O2 very kindly offer a generous 25% Discount on your Airtime plan when you buy a phone online. This is available for staff who are able to produce a valid email address or payslip. Once that has been confirmed you should get your discount applied to your account within 28 days.

What deals do O2 have?

The biggest little iPhone yetSave up to £216. When you buy the Google Pixel 4a. … Spread the cost. Get Galaxy Buds Pro from £6.63 a month, £30 upfront. … Save up to £180. When you buy the Samsung Galaxy A12. … Get 160GB for £20* With a sim only deal. … Save up to £144. On selected Samsung Like New models. … Offers for you.

What does O2 refresh mean?

O2 Refresh lets you change phones whenever you want. It works by splitting your bill into two parts: a Phone Plan and an Airtime Plan. The Phone Plan is the cost of the phone. The Airtime Plan covers all your calls, texts and data.

Can I have 2 phones on my O2 account?

Yes, just login with your current account and purchase a new phone. Make sure you don’t upgrade though. You need a new contract. Or, if you already have another just use the option to “Bring in other products” on the Home page of your MyO2.

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