How Do I Get A Smart Signature Plan?

What is signature device plan?

Under the Smart Signature Device Plan L, which comes with monthly 15 GB data, Unli AnyNet Texts, Unli On-Net Calls, and 150 mins of AnyNet Calls, you can have the: iPhone 11 (64 GB) for P2,499 per month for 24 months with a one-time cash-out of P7,000..

How many days does it take for smart plan approval?

For postpaid applications, once the application has gone thru the validation & approval process which are relative to documentation and plan applied for, delivery takes 1 to 7 working days.

How do I stop smart Thommorng?

Daily? To unsubscribe, you must simply switch to another tariff plan. Some switches will incur a cost, which depends on the tariff plan you are switching to.

How long is the activation of Smart postpaid plan?

24-48 [email protected] Activation of SMART Postpaid SIM card is within 24-48 hours. Kindly monitor your SIM card then provide us an update.

How do I reconnect my smart bro?

To lift the redirection, simply settle the outstanding balance and report payment to continuously enjoy uninterrupted connection. To report payment, dial **888* using your Smart cellphone or (02) 888-1111 via landline. To know the many ways you can settle your bill, click here.

Is there unlimited data in smart?

The wireless network recently announced the launch of the Smart Postpaid Unlimited Data Plan 999 – its lowest-priced mobile postpaid plan that comes with unlimited mobile Internet connection.

How do I know my smart plan?

Go to Log-in with your Smart mobile number or email address. Once logged in, click ‘Overview’ to see your profile and account information….Click on ‘Overview’ to see account related information:Total amount due.Plan type.Availed call, text or data packages.Loyalty points.Oct 12, 2016

How do I activate Netflix on my smart signature?

Directly visit For security purposes, you will be asked to enter your Signature number and OTP during the activation process.

Can I change my phone in smart plan?

Yes, you may switch to a Signature Device Plan even if your device plan is still within contract. Signature Device Plan inclusions should be applicable for this kind of plan change.

What is device plan?

Complete freedom with a device plan You choose the amount of the down payment and thus the monthly installment. No interest or fees for installment payments. No obligation; you can pay off your device plan at any time and get a new device.

What is the requirements for smart plan?

Requirements for a Smart Postpaid Plan ApplicationA. Online Application Form. … B. Service Application Form (SAF) … Proof of Identification (POI) The POI can be any one of the following below. … Proof of Address (POA) POA must not be more than three (3) months old at the time of application and can be any one (1) of the following documents: … Financial Documents.

What is smart prepaid?

The SMART Prepaid GSM Service requires for its use, reload of value through SMART Data, Call and Text Card, TNT Load or PasaLoad. After value is loaded into the TNT Prepaid GSM SIM Card, such value shall be valid for a specific period of time as determined by Smart Communications, Inc.

How can I get free 300MB on smart?

How will I get the FREE 300MB free data? Simply activate the SIM by doing a balance inquiry and the 300MB will automatically be credited into your account.

How can I use my smart Iphone plan?

Here’s how to apply:STEP 1: Choose Your Plan. Go to the Smart Online Store at and click on Postpaid Plans. … STEP 2: (Optional) Choose your phone. Once you’re sure about your chosen plan, scroll down to see the available phones. … STEP 3: Check Out. … STEP 4: Accomplish Form and Submit Requirements.

How many months before I can renew my smart plan?

30 monthsSmart Communications, Inc. At the end of your postpaid account’s contract period (usually 24 or 30 months), you may renew your contract and avail of a new smartphone or device under the Retention Program. You can easily verify online if your account is eligible for the renewal.

What is a post paid plan?

A postpaid mobile phone plan allows you pay a fixed amount at the end of each month in exchange for a set amount of calls, texts and data to use during the billing period. … Monthly and 12-month postpaid plans are usually SIM-only, with those 24 months or over usually including a new handset.

How can I avail smart signature plan?

Individuals of good credit standing can avail of the Signature 5G Plans. These include: If you are a NEW subscriber, you may visit the Smart Store nearest you to sign up or apply via the Smart Online Store. If you are a RECONTRACTING subscriber, you may visit the Smart Store nearest you or apply via the Smart Online.

What is smart signature s plan?

5 GB Data. Unli AllNet Calls & Texts. 50 mins Calls to PLDT.

Can I stop my smart plan?

If termination is made during the lock-in period as stated in the Subscriber Application Form, the Subscriber shall pay a pre-termination fee in the amount of the full Monthly Service Fee multiplied by the number of the months left in the lock-in period as stated in the Subscriber Application Form or as may be …

What are the requirements for Smart postpaid plan?

Bank certificate of deposits with average daily balance for last 3 months.Certificate of Employment + 1 month payslips.Bank Account Passbook, with last three (3) months transactions.Latest three (3) months Bank Statement of Account.Latest ITR (Form 2316) + 1 month payslips.More items…

What is Netflix smart plan?

The Netflix Mobile Plan was announced as a cheaper alternative to its basic, standard, and premium tiers. … For only Php149 per month, you can enjoy all the shows and movies the streaming service offers right on your mobile phone.

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