How Do I Find My EE Number User ID?

What is a EE reference number?

The EE Reference number is the same as the DoL reference number and the username.

Employers who previously reported may also consult the EE Public Registers published, which be accessed at to obtain your EE Ref number..

Who needs to submit an EE report?

All designated employers with 50 or more employees must report every year. Employers with fewer than 50 employees who are designated in terms of the turnover threshold applicable to designated employers (Schedule 4 of the Employment Equity Amendment Act No. 47 of 2013).

What is my easy money?

EasyMoney is a currency specific to the EasyEquities platform. … If a referral of yours opens an EasyEquities account, and fulfills certain criteria (see note below), your account will be credited with R50 worth of EasyMoney.

How do you make money on EasyEquities?

How it Works1 Register – It’s Free. Creating an EasyEquities account is super simple. There are no sign-on or monthly fees.2 Take your demo account for a spin! Practice makes profit, so we give you R100,000 in a ZAR demo account and $10,000 in a USD account. Find the brands you know and love on the Invest Now page.

Can I trust easy equities?

If the term ‘safe’ in your question means that it’s a legitimate and licensed platform, and the person running Easy Equities is not going take your money and buy themselves a Ferrari and post it on Instagram, then yes, Easy Equities is ‘safe’. Easy Equities offers a plethora of equities, ETFs, baskets and bundles.

Where do I find my easy Equity User ID?

Your username can be found on the Welcome email which was sent to you when you first registered your EasyEquities account.

How do I sign up for Easy Equity?

Setting up your account. Setting up your EasyEquities account is an easy and simple online process. All you need to do is either download our app (from the App Store or Google Play Store) or use our web platform to register for an account.

What is EE account?

The My EE app helps you stay in control of your pay monthly, pay as you go or 4GEE WiFi plans. It provides useful info and tools to manage your account, including usage breakdowns and FAQs. It’s also somewhere you can buy add-ons like packs for calling abroad. Find out more about the My EE app.

When must the EE plan be submitted and to whom?

All organisations should have an EE report that covers a period of 12 months. The “from” date stated in the EEA2 should follow where the previous report ended. Employers who become designated before the first working day of April must submit their first report on the first working day of October in the current year.

How can I reset my EasyEquities password?

If you’ve forgotten your password, tap the Forgot Password link on the login page of your mobile app or on the website to send a password reset email to your email address on file by entering your username.

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